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Micro loans is a popular choice amongst consumers

To help people with financial requirements there are various categories and types of loan available in the market. Each of these loan types differ based on their characteristics and the type of scheme they provide for the consumers. The micro loan is one of the most popular category of loan amongst the consumer owing to its makeup and what it offers to the consumers. Let us have a look at what exactly is a micro loan.

The micro loan is essentially  nothing but a small, short-term loan that provides low rates of interest and which is designed for individuals who are self-employed or new startups with low capital requirements or the small businesses. These micro loans are specifically designed keeping in view the financial condition of such customers and hence you will be able to find an appropriate loan scheme for yourself. The lenders who provide micro loans might offer anything between $500 to $50000 in finance and the average for the SBA micro loans is about $13000 each.

Understanding micro loans in more detail

To begin with you have to find and look for lenders or agencies that are providing such loans in your area and then analyze these lenders based on their policies, reputation and their past track record. Here it is important to note that these there are many scammers who operate under the mask of helping you with attractive micro loan schemes. You need to be aware of such people so that you don’t regret your decision later.

Once you go through the various lenders, you will get to know the different policies and interest rates so that you can proceed accordingly based on what suits your requirements the best. You don’t have to be a financial expert to analyze the various quotes or terms offered by these lenders. Basically you have to understand the interest rate, the duration of repayment, the slab for minimum EMI’s amongst some other basic points.

However it is always better and recommendable if you seek an expert advice or opinion regarding your financial problems and the imminent availing of loan so that you can get the best deal at affordable rates. You must know that the rates or terms offered by these lenders and agencies are subjective and can be negotiated with. These policies or terms of agreement are formulated after the lenders analyze your credit history and then they offer you terms of contract as well as the quote of their rates.

Basically the lenders will look at your credit points, the credit history in the recent past, your assets and related stuff so that they can get a fair idea about your capability as well as financial needs. These loans comprise of small amounts of money that are to be repaid within a fixed specified time-frame.

The micro-lending or the micro loans is also an effective solution that provides funding for impoverished borrowers in the developing or the undeveloped countries and communities. Now let us dive a little deeper into the world of microloans.

Finding The Best Micro Loans In The UK

If you are hunting for a low cost loan for your business then what options do you have? The first instinct of any individual is to go to the traditional bank. The traditional banks are a great destination for the business loans however it is important to understand that these banks work with the borrowers who are most qualified and who have established businesses running. So if you need a loan that is lower than $50,000 in amount then it is likely that your loan application will be rejected. It is quite possible that you have a financial requirement of only $10,000 for your business but the bank may not lend you the required money. In such scenarios the micro loans provide a perfect option for the consumers.

The business owners who are of a relatively smaller scale and who have a requirement of small loans should consider applying for the micro loans. Here you might have a question that who exactly is eligible for the micro loan? Well technically speaking, any business that is legally registered is eligible to apply for the micro loan. The micro loans are ideal for small startup businesses who have limited or small capital requirements and not a lot of revenue history.

For you to be successful in procuring the micro loans you must follow a few steps. First and foremost you must finalize the business plan. The business plan is a significant component of qualification for the micro loans. This is because the lenders of the micro loans are looking at your business future as well as the possibility of its success rather than the past of your business. A solid business plan is very likely to convince the micro loan lenders to provide you with the necessary capital funds.

After that you must sort out your credit report. The credit score or credit history is important when applying for micro loans just as it is significant when applying for the traditional loans. To have the best chance of micro loan success your credit score or report must be top class, which means regular payments, low credit utilisation and looking for errors in the report.

Another important component of securing micro loan is offering collateral as a form of personal guarantee. The probability of securing the micro loan becomes significantly higher if you can offer the different forms of collateral towards the loan. This helps in convincing the lenders of the micro loans and it reduces risk of the lending to new and smaller businesses.

Finally you must be ready to invest your own money in the business. When you have invested yourself in the business then it shows to the lenders that you are here for the long term and determined to make your business succeed. Your investment added to the micro loan funds is likely to cover all the expenses that might be incurred in successful running of the new business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Payday Loan?
A payday loan is usually referred to as small-cash loans or cash advances. This loan is very convenient as it does not require the borrower for tedious documents. The repayment for the borrowed cash will usually get deducted from the next paycheck of the debtor.
What is a Guarantor Loan?
A Guarantor loan is a loan type that requires the debtor to have someone to co-sign the loan agreement upon the application. The guarantor who has co-signed the agreement will take responsibility for the loan in chances that the debtor will fail to repay the borrowed cash.
What is a Logbook Loan?
Contrary to the unsecured loan, a logbook loan is a loan type in which the lenders require their debtors to pledge an asset for a security deposit. A valuable asset such as a vehicle is common on this loan. The borrower may still keep the vehicle, but the lender will always have the right to sell the asset when payment defaults occur.
What are Unsecured Loans?
If you don’t have a collateral to pledge, you can apply for an unsecured loan. Unsecured loans are types of loans that are easy to obtain and requires no collateral. It is the perfect cash assistance fund you can get for emergencies. However, most unsecured loans have high-interest rates compared to secured business loans.
Does it Need a Guarantor?
Lenders of unsecured loans do not require their debtors to pledge a valuable asset. However, since it makes the loan program a bit risky, unsecured loan lender would usually require the debtors to have a guarantor. This may serve as their added security.
How Soon Can I Receive the Money?
Once your application is successfully approved, funds will be sent to your checking account in as fast as two minutes. You will usually receive the confirmation of the deposited funds.
What If I Miss My Loan Dues?
We understand that some customers may likely miss their payments. We are also customers at the end of the day. However, when faced with this circumstance, we always advise our customers to reach out to us so that we may give them a much better repayment plan.
What If I Provided Falsely Information?
No one in sound mind would provide misleading information and would falsify documents. Once caught, you may probably end up in jail. It will provide your awful records and it will severely affect your credit line that could hinder credit opportunities.