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No credit check loans

A large section of the society fall under the low or mid income tier across the country. The financial crunch at times for these people means they might need external financial assistance for certain emergency expenses or other unexpected situations such as medical bills etc. Many of these people might even have bad or low credit scores in the banks or financial institutions which makes it even more difficult for them to obtain loans. However in such scenarios they can always choose the option of no credit check loans.

The no credit check loans is essentially nothing but a type of loan in which the customers are provided loan amount without the mandatory checks of their credit scores or credit ratings. In these situations the people who have even bad credit scores are eligible for this category of loan. So why would lender want to lend you money despite having bad credit history? Well there’s a reason for it. Under the no credit check loan scheme the loans are provided at a comparatively higher rates of interest and for a short length of time. The loans that are provided under the no credit check loan scheme are often provided against the credit card limit with the specific guarantor vouching for the loan applicant. The no credit check loans are also often referred as education loan, secured loan or loan on credit card limit.

Taking a look at no credit check loans in more detail

There are various types of no credit check loans that are available for the customers. Some of the no credit check loans include education loans, secured loans, car loans, property loans, secured business loans amongst others.

Normally the education loans are the type of loans that don’t necessitate the checking of credit scores. This is because the student don’t normally have a sustained source of income and thus they are unlikely to have any credit history which means no credit score. In these scenarios the bank or the lending financial institution will look at a reliable guarantor who will vouch for the student and act as a assurance against the repayment of the education loan.

The secured loan is another type or category of no credit check loan. The secured loans are usually obtained after the lending company or the lender has mortgaged your property or any other asset. The loan that is provided is based on value of that specific asset or the property. In this scenario if the loan borrower is unable to repay the loan amount then the lender will sell the asset or the property as a last resort to recover the due amount. However the secured loans such as those obtained against property, business or car loans don’t involve credit checks and thus are a form of no credit check loans.

There has been a constant reference to the credit score or credit history when mentioning the no credit check loan. So what exactly is the credit history. Well, the credit history is essentially nothing but the history of the financial behavior of a specific individual. This score or history indicated whether that individual can be trusted when it comes to the repayment of the loans. The banks or lenders usually do a comprehensive check  of a loan applicant’s credit history so that they can determine whether he or she is eligible for the loan. This is where the no credit check loan is unique since it doesn’t involve the checking the credit history and thus it is ideal for people who have bad credit history or no credit history at all.

Payday Loans No Credit Check – What Do I Need To Do?

Now let us have a look at some of the features of the no credit check loans. First and foremost as the name suggests there is no check of the credit history of the customers. There is also less amount of documentation which is involved in these types of loans in comparison to some of the other traditional loan categories. The process of approval for the no credit check loan is much faster and the loans are approved in a relatively shorter period of time. The rate of interest on these loans is comparatively higher than some of the other loans however it might still be less than interest rates on credit cards.

In the no credit check loan you might  not necessarily need a collateral especially if you are taking a loan against the credit card or it’s a student loan.  The tenure of the no credit check loan is usually short but it can be flexible depending on the lender’s regulations.

As with any other types of loans the no credit check loans has its own advantages as well as drawbacks. Let us have a look at some of those advantages and disadvantages. As far as advantages go, under the no credit check loans even the individuals who have a bad credit history are eligible for the procurement of this loan type. The documentation required for this loan is minimal and the approval process is generally faster than most of the other loan types. The rates of interest for the no credit check loans are mostly fixed so that you can have a fair idea of the repayment details before you avail the loan.

Now in terms of disadvantages for the no credit check loans, the lender chooses to decide the terms of loan and you have to abide by it if you are availing the loan from that lender. This type of loan is usually skewed in the favor of the bank or the lender who is lending you money. The tenure of this type of loan is usually very small. The rates of interest for the no credit check loans tend to be high since the banks or lenders choose to offset the risk factor by charging the applicant with a higher rate of interest.

Before you decide to apply for the no credit check loan it is important that you must do your research properly and compare various options for an informed decision.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan is usually referred to as small-cash loans or cash advances. This loan is very convenient as it does not require the borrower for tedious documents. The repayment for the borrowed cash will usually get deducted from the next paycheck of the debtor.

What is a Guarantor Loan?

A Guarantor loan is a loan type that requires the debtor to have someone to co-sign the loan agreement upon the application. The guarantor who has co-signed the agreement will take responsibility for the loan in chances that the debtor will fail to repay the borrowed cash.

What is a Logbook Loan?

Contrary to the unsecured loan, a logbook loan is a loan type in which the lenders require their debtors to pledge an asset for a security deposit. A valuable asset such as a vehicle is common on this loan. The borrower may still keep the vehicle, but the lender will always have the right to sell the asset when payment defaults occur.

What are Unsecured Loans?

If you don’t have a collateral to pledge, you can apply for an unsecured loan. Unsecured loans are types of loans that are easy to obtain and requires no collateral. It is the perfect cash assistance fund you can get for emergencies. However, most unsecured loans have high-interest rates compared to secured business loans.

Does it Need a Guarantor?

Lenders of unsecured loans do not require their debtors to pledge a valuable asset. However, since it makes the loan program a bit risky, unsecured loan lender would usually require the debtors to have a guarantor. This may serve as their added security.

How Soon Can I Receive the Money?

Once your application is successfully approved, funds will be sent to your checking account in as fast as two minutes. You will usually receive the confirmation of the deposited funds.

What If I Miss My Loan Dues?

We understand that some customers may likely miss their payments. We are also customers at the end of the day. However, when faced with this circumstance, we always advise our customers to reach out to us so that we may give them a much better repayment plan.

What If I Provided Falsely Information?

No one in sound mind would provide misleading information and would falsify documents. Once caught, you may probably end up in jail. It will provide your awful records and it will severely affect your credit line that could hinder credit opportunities.